The Children of the Swamp

A New Musical by Surya Gopal

May 16th at 7:30PM
Little Theatre
Newton Newton North High School

It is no exaggeration to say my entire life has revolved around a river. The Krishna River, comfortably nestled in the arid Deccan plateau in Southern India has provided my loved ones with both opportunity and destruction. This place has always been my second home but shortly, that will have to change. The whole area is doomed to flood, forcing my family and many others to relocate. The Almatti dam is a river dam in Karnataka, India which will conclude construction very soon. Although it will provide crucial hydroelectric power and irrigation for much of the state, it will also drown at least 176 towns and villages. So far, 70,000 families have been forced to relocate, including mine, and it is estimated that a total of 123,000 families will have to move. Growing up in the USA, I felt far removed from my family’s problems, so I connected with them through this musical.

The Children of the Swamp is a musical that amplifies the harrowing tale of the flood victims, in the context of Okefenokee, Georgia. This show tells the story of an oppressed people through American music.

Come listen to the voices of the people who shape India. Come listen to the stories we don’t often hear in Western culture. Come listen to the song of the Swamp!

Surya Gopal